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FDA Herbal Enhancement Pills MMC Maxman IV Enhancement Penis Enlargement Capsules

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FDA Herbal Enhancement Pills MMC Maxman IV Enhancement Penis Enlargement Capsules


Product Description

It can improve men's sexual prowess, penis lengthens and enlargens and sexual disorders such as impotence.


The Maxman penis enlarging capsules unique formula can increase vass blood circulation in the penis, prodcue natural hormone and expand sponge body organization of the penis, when it erects, more blood will bepoured into the cavity sponge body, making the penis cavity sponge body expand naturally, which can hold more blood than usual by 30%. After using the Maxman penis enlarging capsule, the volume of the penis cavity sponge body increases obviously, and it can hold more blood, this not only brings longer and fuller erection to the penis, but creates permanent increase to the penis in the length, the encircling width and the rigiditym etc.


Product Specification

1, Capacity: 3800ml/capsule

2, Shelf life: 36 months

3, Packing: 12 capsules/bottle

4, Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place and avoid storage in direct sunlight.


Product Efficacy

1, Enlarge the penis 6-8 centimeters effectively in a short time.

2, Keep your penis enlarging continuously

3, Keep penis sturdier and more solid

4, Improve premature ejaculation effectively

5, Enlarge the penis safely and naturally

6, No rebound, 100% natural and no side effect

Main Ingredient

ginseng, velvet antler, ganoderma lucidum, medlar, saffron, snow lotus, cistanche deserticola, actinolite, tortoise plastron, seahorse penis, fur seal penis.


Usage & Dosage

Take orally one capsule 10 or 20 minutes before sexual intercourse with warm water.


Product Application

short of penis, impotence and lack of sperm, weak health and adynamiam, soreness of the waist and knees, dimeyesifht and tinnitus.Neurasthenia and listlessness frequent micturition and urgent micturition,premature ejaculation, sexual disorder. Prostatitis and so no caused be deficiency of the lidney.



1, You shall not desire to succeed forwardly or take this medicines out of range;

2, Aftr taking this medicines,if penis erect for many times ot it doesn't discharge after long time of erection,you shall drink some cold boiled water;

3, You shall not use it repeatedly within 24hours.



Q: How does Maxman Capsules work?

A: The unique formula can increase the blood circulation of blood vessels in the penis, create natural hormones, and expand the structure of penis sponges.


Push more blood into the cavity sponge body during erection and increase the pressure inside the cavity sponge body and promote the natural enlargement of the hollow cavity of the penis, which can accommodate 30% more blood than usual and can accommodate more blood.

Not only does it give the penis longer and fuller erections, it also causes a permanent increase in penis length, circumference, and stiffness.


Q: Is Maxman Capsules Safe?

A: Maxman capsules is a product plant which doesn't contain any hormones in the U.S. market, completely harmless to the human body, no side effects, no dependence, very safe to use.


Q: Why is Maxman Capsules the best choice among so many penis enlargements?

A: Maxman capsules uses natural plant extracts as raw material, no side effects, no dependence,

By improving the blood circulation of the penis and promoting the re-development of the corpus cavernosum, it has an increased effect, with the penis in length,

The permanent increase in circumference, hardness, etc. achieves a very stable effect, and at the same time, the sexual function is greatly improved.

Long-term stability and prolonged intercourse time and strength and hardness after erection, more energetic and effective in preventing premature ejaculation.


Q: What ingredients are used in Maxman capsules?

A: Maxman capsules is with 100% natural plant extract.


Q: Is there any side effect?

A: Maxman capsule is safe and efficient without any side effects.

Our company advocates the postulate that the health is the biggest value in our lives. The point is that science and nature are easily combined in products that we are glad to offer you today. Our goal is to help you stay healthy as well as gorgeous at the same time. Soon you’ll discover how it is possible to use organic cosmetics for your body.

You can shop with the confidence that you are in the place which has over twenty years of experience in organic cosmetics industry. We’ve collected all our knowledge to deliver you only the best organic, biodynamic, natural, wild-harvested cosmetology brands in the world.

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Product Details
Not tested for animals Yes
Dermatologist approved Yes
Moisturising Yes

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